My Gear


’94 Gibson Les Paul Special

LP Special

Warmoth/Fender Jazzmaster (pic coming later)

Koll Duo Glide (pic coming later)


Fractal Audio Axe-FxII MK2 / MFC-101 MK2 controller

17 thoughts on “My Gear”

  1. Hey man, how does the PW tuner you have (JPT-10) compare to their Chromatic tuner that I see everywhere? I think it’s the CT-04? Is it the difference between True “Hard” Bypass and actually a True Bypass pedal? When I went to GC all they had was the Chromatic tuner not the one you’ve got here.

  2. They are two completely different pedals, man. The CT-04 is made by Planet Waves, and the JPT-10 is made by PEWaves. The Planet Waves tuner is some kind of pseudo-strobe tuner, while the PEWaves tuner is the basic LED tuner (similar to the Boss TU-2 or Korg DT-10). There’s also the bypass issue.

    They claim that “this item is OEM by the same manufacturer who makes pedals for many well known labels.” I think that means that it has the same guts as the Korg DT-10.

  3. Kudos man, Thanks. I didn’t pay close enough attention.
    I think I’m going to hold off and nab the PEWaves. Anything between True and Bypass doesn’t seem to fit the bill of True Bypass :)
    Plus it’s cheaper!

  4. I can’t find your post about building pedals. Where’d you buy your kits from? Overall, are you happy with them?

  5. I have bought kits and PCBs from Build Your Own Clone and General Guitar Gadgets. The only DIY pedal that I still have is my wah, and it still needs some work. They are good pedals, but I just never really bonded to them.

  6. Hey man, what is that long grey pedal on the pedal board? is it like a Midi controller? And that send/return pedal to the left, where can i get one like it? are you using that for your delay effects? sorry for the many questions.

  7. The long gray pedal in the middle is my volume pedal. It’s a Goodrich L-120. I really like it. The send/return pedal is for my delay and reverb – I run them in the effects loop of my amp. It’s just a patchbay that I built to make setup easier.

  8. Hi,
    I just got a Goldfinger. I’m loving it.
    I was wondering, from your experience, what pedal works the best boosting the front end of the Omega channel?


  9. I tried a lot of different pedals out front. Several pedals worked well, depending on the tones that I was going for. I liked TS-type pedals for leads. I liked the Barber Gain Changer a lot – super versatile and capable of a lot of different tones. I also liked the Timmy for boosting into chunky rhythm territory. The cut controls made it really easy to clean up the bass and get rid of the flab.

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