This stuff is amazing

So, forever since my last post, etc…

That out of the way – I just assembled a jazz master-ish guitar. It’s a Warmoth jm body with Lollar P90s instead of jm pickups, tune-o-magic bridge, stop tailpiece. I used the neck from my old strat. It all went together pretty quickly, and once I wired it up and plugged it in – “BZZZZZZZZZZ!” The noise level was kind of insane. Part of it was grounding (touch something metal and the buzz goes away), but most of it was 60 cycle hum or RF interference or something else.

Later that day I ordered some of this copper shielding tape from StewMac. It came in yesterday and I completely enclosed the pickup cavity and the back of the pickguard in this stuff. It was kind of a pain, and I have a few slices on my fingertips, but I got it done. I put it back together and plugged it in without restringing it to make sure that I wired it up right.

When I first turned on my amp, I thought for sure that I had wired it up wrong, so I tapped on the pickups with a screwdriver and it popped like it’s supposed to. After restringing the guitar, I tried it out again, and I absolutely couldn’t believe it. It was almost dead quiet. The grounding issues were completely gone. I can let go of the guitar completely and it doesn’t hum at all. There is a little bit of 60 cycle hum, especially with high gain, but it’s totally manageable. It’s crazy quiet.


If you have a noisy guitar, try this stuff out.

4 thoughts on “This stuff is amazing”

  1. just curious…and i think i read it right.
    but it seems like you said the buzz didn’t go away until you restrung your guitar. is the tape fixing the problem? or the new strings?

  2. Well, the timing was coincidental. The strings had nothing to do with the buzz – besides, I put the same set of strings back on that I took off.

    I’m sure that the copper shielding tape is responsible for 99% of the noise reduction. The electronic components are completely surrounded by copper tape, which blocks radio frequency interference. I also cleaned up a couple of solder joints and did some general wire bundling, so that may have helped a little.

    It looks crazy underneath the pickguard – I should have taken a picture. It looks like when they open the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

  3. I’m in love with this guitar. Can you throw down a quick and dirty demo? Cell phone soundcloud recording or something?

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