Potential amp trade?

First of all, let me say that I am not unhappy with my current amp – a Reeves Custom 6. However, I recently came across a post on The Gear Page where a guy was looking to sell his Goodsell 5 combo. This is the amp that I was really looking for when I bought my Reeves, but I couldn’t find one anywhere.

If you didn’t know, Goodsell is a boutique amp maker in Atlanta who makes the Super Seventeen, which is a fantastic-sounding 17 watt amp. The 5 is based on a similar design, but it’s single-ended and it’s 5 watts instead of 17. Unfortunately, it was a custom piece and only 19 were made, hence my difficulty in finding one.

Goodsell 5

When I saw this one listed for sale, I emailed him and asked if he’d be interested in a straight trade for my amp/cab, since they’re roughly the same value. Since he didn’t say that he was looking for trades, I didn’t really expect a response. He emailed me back and told me that he would rather sell it, but that he was seriously tempted by my offer. He’ll probably sit on it for a few more days to see if it sells.

I’m kinda tired of the head/cab thing since I only have a 1×12″ cab. I would much rather have a combo at this point to make it easier to lug around.

Any thoughts?

Reeves Amps
Goodsell Amps

7 thoughts on “Potential amp trade?”

  1. yeah I find the reeves amp to be too crisp and crunchy, at least from their audio clips. the goodsell sounds really smooth in comparison. it has a really nice breakup.

    the audio clips of you playing on this site/worship site i assume were through your reeves right? they sound better then the ones on the reeves site.

  2. Yeah, I don’t have my amp set up like they do. I keep the gain around noon-12:30 and I plug into the low-gain input. It sounds like they have it dimed on the high-gain input on the Reeves clips. I’d rather get some mild breakup from the power tubes and push the preamp with pedals. I think that my setup sounds more Vox-y than the clips on their site.

    Oh, and I don’t think that I’ve ever actually recorded the Reeves. I typically run direct into the Mac and record with amp sims in GarageBand. The last little recording I did for the hybrid picking thing was recorded using a solid state Peavey keyboard amp. Not too shabby, eh?

  3. Do you play with your amp on stage with you? In an iso box? Unfortunately I don’t know much about either amp you’re talking about but I know I couldn’t play with a combo. I always have my head next to me and the cab in another room via a 50′ speaker cable. If you don’t need the distance a combo would be great.

  4. Holy crap! I’ve been going back and forth with this guy, too — if it’s the same dude (the pics are different). I’m thinking about snagging his to use in my pedal room. He says it breaks-up big time right out of the gate, though.

  5. I don’t think it’s the same guy. The guy I was talking to ended up listing it on ebay with a buy it now price of $905 + $45 shipping. That seems pretty steep to me.

  6. i have a goodsell super 7 plus. less than 10 where made. the plus model has reverb and tremelo. single 12 with 7 and 2 watt modes. looks brand new. let me know if you are interested. thanks, mike

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