Broken Delay

I showed up for soundcheck this morning, plugged in my guitar/pedalboard, strummed a chord and – nothing. I spent a few frantic minutes troubleshooting and determined that my new delay (Tech21 Boost DLA) was the culprit.

The LED turns on, but it won’t pass a signal. At first it kinda worked, but I could hear it sputter out and die completely. I’m afraid it’s probably an IC chip or something, but it’s impossible to get to any of the components without completely desoldering the input jacks as well as the DC jack since they’re all soldered directly to the board. It’s a really stupid design, IMO.

I guess I’ll contact Tech21 customer support ¬†tomorrow to see what they can do for me as far as repairing it. My experience with them will affect whether or not I purchase any more of their products.

I made it through the service okay this morning. I still had another delay on the board (Ibanez DE-7), so I wasn’t completely delay-less. I had to do the dotted eighth thing on one song, so I manually dialed in the delay time to be pretty close and just turned up the delay mix for that one song. It wasn’t perfect, and I had to tweak it a little at the beginning of the song, but it worked out okay.

I think that once I get this delay fixed, I will probably just get an Eventide Timefactor or something like that since there are no more Timelines to be had. Why did I sell that freaking thing? Oh yeah, to buy that Line 6 M13 that I already got rid of. Facepalm.

7 thoughts on “Broken Delay”

  1. Ah…. but not using the DD20 you had before this? I don’t love the DD20, but I have played several others, and the DD20 just seems to be the best workhorse there is. Fairly easy to use and decent sounding. Not the best, but I feel “Safe” with it.

    I’ll sell you my M9 :)

  2. Hey man,

    Tech 21 has the best customer service! I’ve had a sansamp bass driver for over 10 years and a few months ago something happened to it and they only charged me $35 and fixed it and shipped it back. They were wonderful even after I’ve had it for so long! They were very cool!!!

    Hope all goes well,


  3. had good dealings with Tech 21 support before … hopefully you can get this sorted out. it’s a real bummer to have a dead pedal that you really rely on.

  4. Bad one. Its a shame you got a bad one. I had a DLATT for a bit and it worked great. In the end I just missed my DD5, so I sold the DLA and got another DD5. Have you checked out the Strymon stuff yet?

  5. Well, I got a return authorization and shipped it back to Tech 21 yesterday. Hopefully, they’ll fix it for me and not charge me too much (it’s not under warranty since I bought it used). At any rate, I’ll probably sell it before too long.

    Yannick – I have looked into the Strymon stuff, and it looks amazing. The Brigadier looks/sounds fantastic, but it’s pretty expensive for a delay without presets. I know that they have a “favorite” pedal coming out, but it seems like that functionality should be built in.

    I’m eagerly anticipating the rumored Damage Control Timeline 2, but it’s probably still a year away. I will probably pick up a used Timefactor in the meantime. I’ve heard that the software updates have made huge improvements to the overall tone of the pedal.

    Karl – of course you do. :)

  6. I got a call this morning from Tech 21 letting me know that my pedal is ready and will ship out tomorrow. I had to pay $28 since it’s not under warranty, but that’s not too bad. Hopefully, I won’t have any more issues with it.

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