Worship – 4.20.08

Today’s setlist:

Song of Hope
You, You are God
Beautiful One
At the Foot of the Cross
We Build
OUTRO – Beautiful One

Song of Hope (by Robbie Seay) is such a great song. This is the third time we have played it, and it’s just fun to play. I wish we had a Rhodes for that bridge part, but I’ve been playing that little lick in the meantime. Our congregation really seems to dig this song as well – it’s an excellent opener.

We’ve been playing You, You are God for quite a while now, but I just got around to really listening to the recording this week. I know that’s lame, but we just kinda fell into our own little arrangement. After listening to the recording, we all had this collective realization that “hey, this is actually a pretty cool way to do this song.” I know that it’s kind of a crutch to do the recorded arrangement note for note (not that we did), but it’s always good to get ideas from them.

Beautiful One is pretty much a standard by now. It’s easy to sleepwalk through these familiar songs, and I have to remind myself that it’s not about me. If I’m visibly disinterested, it has the potential to cause someone in the congregation to disconnect from what we’re doing. Not that I don’t like the song or anything, it’s just that familiarity has the tendency to breed contempt.

At the Foot of the Cross is a really cool song. It’s been a long time since I listened to a recording of this song, but our version is very acoustic driven. I played this song totally clean today (no dirt pedals – a true rarity) using my strat, and it sounded really nice. I used the neck/middle position to get that recognizable strat quack and threw some warm analog-sounding delay on top of it.

We Build is just a piano/vocal thing, and our keyboard player handled both duties herself.

We had a few technical issues today, which is pretty much par for the course. For one thing, we have new isolation boxes backstage. We recently remodeled our stage, and we added a green room and a storage room. Our new amp isolation boxes are located in the storage room. The power outlet that we’re plugging into is on a new circuit, shared by some of the overhead stage lights. Our amps don’t like to share, and we’ve been getting some nasty AC noise. We’re supposed to be adding a new breaker, so we won’t have to share the circuit with any lights.

Our rhythm guitarist had some technical difficulties with his board during the second service. One of his cables (the only George L’s cable on his board – the rest are Canare GS-6 from Lava Cable) crapped out on him during Ashes for Beauty during the second service, so we had no rhythm guitar. Fortunately, our keyboard player jumped in and played the harmony.

It was a good service, but I like when we play more than four songs.

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