Pedalboard [rev.802447b]

Well, here’s the latest iteration of my pedalboard. [sarcasm] I know that my readers are always waiting with bated breath for the newest inconsequential pedal addition/substitution. [/sarcasm]

Anyway, Since my main amp has such amazing natural tube overdrive/distortion, I don’t have to use pedals with it. As such, I decided to experiment with taking all of my dirt pedals off the board. So, my signal is currently guitar – M13 (2 FV500H expression pedals) with the MXR EQ in the loop.

Pedalboard 12/29/09

When I use this live with my Sig:X, I’m going to set up the filters, comps, and drive effects to come before the preamp stage of the amplifier. Delays, modulations, reverbs, and EQ will be in the effects loop. At church, I just run this into a clean VOX AC15.

I have been experimenting the with the drives that are built into the M13 and some of them are surprisingly usable, especially the tube screamer, tube drive, and L6 drive. There’s a lot of tweaking that can be done with these sounds to make them very natural-sounding. Of course, a few of the models are just bad and should probably be tossed out. All in all, I’m still pleased with the M13 and I think that I’ll probably hang on to it for a while. Once I get some settings finalized, I’ll probably record some clips to give you an idea of what it’s capable of.

7 thoughts on “Pedalboard [rev.802447b]”

  1. Whoa! Thats a pretty simplistic pedalboard! You aren’t getting rid of your OD boxes are you? (I’ve been thinking about the IO for a while…?)

    So far I have only used my M9 for delay usage, and am having a hard time ‘giving up’ the stompboxes and going with the drives on this thing.

  2. I feel like I’m losing my analog street cred. I sold my Timmy in an effort to raise some cash for a new speaker cab, but I’m hanging onto the io and the PURE.

    I made some small changes to my setup today. It still looks the same, but I’m now using one of the FV-500H pedals as a volume pedal, so I currently have one expression pedal. I’m also working on using my M13 in latch mode. Basically, that will allow me to switch between 12 “scenes” at a time. Each scene can have up to 4 effects at a time, so I can switch from comp-wah-od-phaser to od-trem-echo-reverb to whatever other combinations I can come up with. I think that setting it up this way will really cut down on the tapdancing. I can go from an Edge-style dotted eighth to a chunky rhythm tone to a fat lead tone with one button stomp, rather than going click-click-click-click.

  3. Very Nice…. that latch mode is something I haven’t experimented with yet. Can you disable individual effects while in latch mode, or is full scenes only?

  4. Very nice. I just got an expression pedal for Christmas… that’s gonna be fun.

    I’ve been wanting to look into latch mode but I have 3 amps that I use depending on set up time or location and I have scenes for each of them. Maybe if I can ever make up my mind, I’ll be able to spend some time with latch mode.

  5. I use my M13 in latch mode.

    TIP (if you didnt already know)
    When in latch mode, if you tap the SCENE button (not really needed since you are in latch mode) it’s function has changed to allow you into the current scene. In essence, the scene button takes you temporarily out of latch mode and when you tap it again you are back into latch mode.

    So now you can have it both ways!

    (i hope this shows up right)
    Top Row = Comp Violin (4 delays) OD + PingPong Dist + Dly + Boost
    Mid Row = OD + Dly Crunch + Dly Dist + Dly Crunch + Dly + Boost
    Bot Row = OD Crunch Dist OD + Dly + Boost

    How about yours?

  6. Didnt show up right so let me try again…

    Top Row = Comp--------Violin (4 delays)---OD + PingPong-----Dist + Dly + Boost
    Mid Row = OD + Dly----Crunch + Dly--------Dist + Dly--------Crunch + Dly + Boost
    Bot Row = OD----------Crunch--------------Dist--------------OD + Dly + Boost
  7. I fixed that alignment thing for you.

    I’m still trying to figure out how I want to set mine up. I know that I’ll want the following types of tones available:

    -Clean w/echo and verb
    -Light OD w/echo and verb
    -Edge-style delay
    -Fat lead
    -Fat lead w/wah
    -Crunchy Rhythm
    -Clean w/trem
    -Light OD w/trem

    There are a lot of other tones that I could program, but those are the ones that I really want. I’ll probably do one folder for my tele and one folder for my LP. I don’t know what I’ll put in the other two.

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