I’m not a big fan of UPS today.

I ordered a set of tele pickups from Lollar last Friday, and they were supposed to be here today. They were packed and shipped the day that I ordered them and the estimated delivery date was today. It kinda sucks that I paid $12 for shipping and it still takes a full 7 days to get here, but whatever. Unfortunately, they must not have made it out of the UPS warehouse until Monday, because the estimated delivery date got pushed back to next Monday. Ugh.

Anyway, I checked the status yesterday and it looked like they had caught up. The package was set to be delivered today. I get on this morning, expecting to see the familiar “out for delivery,” but instead saw that the package was still in Houston and wouldn’t be delivered until Monday.

It’s not a big deal, but I was really hoping to get the new pickups installed so that I could use them this weekend. It’s a minor irritation at best, but it’s still annoying.

2 thoughts on “UPS”

  1. I know…. here, UPS always takes twice as long as USPS and then I get a notice and have to drive across the city to pickup the package. USPS if they don’t leave it on my step, the post office is down the street.

    I’m just not liking brown that much either…

  2. haha Seriously. A guy just shipped me a pedal 2nd Day Air from Mississippi. Six days later, I check the tracking number and find out that it was routed from the UPS station 20 minutes from my house, up to Canada. They realized their mistake. But obviously not immediately–it’s now in Kentucky. So basically 2nd Day Air has taken 6 days to get about 100 miles. Props, UPS. Props.

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