New Guitar Day!

I only plugged it in long enough to tell that it works, so I can’t give a full report yet. However, I can say that it is certainly a fine looking axe. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves (click for higher resolution images). Oh, and Jenny wanted me to let you know that I took these pictures. Apparently, they’re not *fancy* enough for her.

11 thoughts on “New Guitar Day!”

  1. Beautiful!! I’d like more of your input on how this competes with a solid body and the humbucker vs the classic single coil.

    Congrats! Good April fools!

  2. Looks even better than TGP pic! I love the grain. You’ll find the HB isn’t much louder than the single coil. It’s a nice surprise :)

  3. The sunburst doesn’t look near as red as in the other pic. Must have been bad lighting. It looks kinda like my Tele’s paint job (except I sprayed the pickguard black: its an awesome look. I could’ve bought a black one but I’m cheap.) I would post pictures but I don’t have time.

  4. Thanks for all the comments, guys. I’m really pleased with it so far. I used it at practice last night and it sounds amazing – really versatile and imminently uesable.

    @Josh – yeah, my photography skills are top notch.

  5. I’ve had my Bluesboy for a couple years now – a very dark sounding guitar, but I just love it. I got it with no f-hole, a burst headstock, locking tuners and an ebony fretboard. It’s my go-to guitar.

  6. I guess I’m just used to my Les Paul, but I’m not finding the Bluesboy to be all that dark. Well, the neck pickup by itself is somewhat muddy, but the neck/bridge and bridge positions sound nice and twangy. I’m thinking about replacing the neck pickup with something a little brighter.

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