First of all, what kind of stupid name is Edouard for a tropical storm? I guess the weather people are getting tired of regular names. I’d like to hear about storms named Bob or Pete. Maybe the Peanuts gang would be cool, like “Hurricane Linus” and “Tropical Storm Lucy.” I know that would screw up the whole alphabetical naming thing, but who cares?

Anyway, this current tropical storm was kinda threatening to come our way, but it turns out that it’s not really going to come anywhere close to us. Since nobody really knew where it was going to hit until this morning, a lot of places closed up just in case. Unfortunately, I made an appointment for an eye exam. The doc decided to close the office yesterday, so that was postponed until Thursday. Yay – an extra 2 days without glasses. In addition, the trash guys aren’t making a pickup today, so we’ll have a whole week’s worth of trash to take out on Friday.

This stupid storm is making my life decidedly less convenient, and it didn’t even hit us. I suppose I should be thankful that it’s not actually hitting us and bringing flooding and destruction of property, but I’d rather get all bent out of shape over my canceled eye exam. :)

One thought on “Edouard”

  1. Turn two problems into one blessing.

    No glasses? Then you can’t see the week’s worth of trash. There, problems solved. Kind of.

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