Rewiring the Strat

I spent some time this afternoon completely rewiring my strat. I took all the pots out and started from scratch.

It turns out that I was using 500k pots for my volume and tone controls. For a strat, this is way too bright, so I soldered a resistor across lugs 1 and 3, bringing it down to a little under 300k. I used those two pots for the tone controls and used a 250k pot (which actually metered at around 240k) that I had lying around for the volume.

The wiring/soldering is much cleaner now. I separated the ground wires from the wires that actually carry the signal, shortened them, and used wire ties to clean everything up. It looks more professional and, unsurprisingly, sounds less noisy now.

I still need to do the treble bleed mod, but I don’t have any .001uF caps at the moment. I’ll need to remember to order one next time I place an order for pedal parts. This is a really important thing to do, because prevents your tone from losing treble when you turn the volume down. Right now I can’t turn down at all without turning to mush.

2 thoughts on “Rewiring the Strat”

  1. I’ve contemplated the treble bleed mod, but for me, the treble loss that comes with a volume decrease is part of the sound, since that’s what I’m used to.

    I’ll probably change my tune when I hear a properly modded guitar, though.

  2. You should try putting one on a switch just to experiment. I think you’d be shocked at how much treble you lose when you turn down. wire up a switch with one of those Fender No Load potentiometers. When the volume is all the way up on those it takes the pot completely out of the circuit, so it doesn’t color the tone in any way.

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