My amp situation

If are a regular to this blog, you have noticed that I have been doing a bit of amp-hopping over the last couple of years. I have owned a Reeves Custom 6, a Stulce SA-10H, a Genz-Benz Black Pearl 30, a Silverface Fender Bassman, a Fryette Sig:X, a Vox AC30, and a Mesa Dual Rectifier (I think that list goes back about a year and a half).

Most recently, I have come back to the Fryette Sig:X. I traded it in a moment of restlessness, even though I was really happy with the tone that I was getting from it. It’s unfortunate that the grass is always greener on the other side. I guess I wanted to downsize from my 4×12, and instead of just getting a smaller cab, I threw the baby out with the bathwater.

Anyway, as I mentioned a couple of posts back – I was lucky enough to find a used Sig:X online so I grabbed it. It must be a pretty new one, because it has the Fryette branding on it rather than the older VHT stuff. I was using the Mesa recto horizontal 2×12 that was part of the AC30 trade, but it didn’t really sound great with the Sig, so I sold it (I ended up selling it on Craigslist – it sold in less than a day). I found a matching VHT/Fryette Fatbottom 2×12 on ebay a couple of nights ago. The Fryette 2×12 cabs almost never show up used so I bought it.

The Fatbottom cab is really small (about 30″W x 16″H x 14″D), so it’ll be a lot easier to move around than the old 4×12″. My old 4×12″ sounded amazing, but it was enormous. This cab is about half the size of the old one, and about 25 lbs lighter. I’ve heard that the Fryette 2×12″ cabs sound really huge, and I’m excited to hear what the Sig:X sounds like through it. It should be here tomorrow, just in time for a TLP rehearsal.

Anyway, so after a hiatus, I am firmly back in the Les Paul / Fryette camp. I’m afraid that Fryette has ruined me for other guitar amps.

NGD: Les Paul Standard

I’m a little late posting this, but I got a new guitar last week. I sold the Mesa Dual Rectifier and bought this. It’s an ’07 Les Paul Standard in pretty much mint condition. It has a 60′s neck and a pretty amazing-looking finish. I really wanted a plain top, but this flame is pretty sweet and not too over-the-top. I want to change out the pickups eventually, but these will do for now.

Les Paul

It came without a pickguard, and I didn’t want to screw any holes into the guitar, so I grabbed a screwless pickguard from this guy. Pretty cool idea.