My new office/studio

We closed on our new house a week ago, and we have been scrambling to get everything moved out of the old house and into the new place. We’re settling in for the most part, but this place is so much bigger than the old house. We went from around 1300 sq ft to over 2000 sq ft. We have 2 living areas, and one of them is pretty much completely empty right now.

My office is attached to the currently empty “formal” living room. The actual room is about 11′ deep and 9′ wide. I have two enormous closets for guitars, amps, pedals, wires, books, and anything else I want to keep in there.

It’s pretty empty right now, but I don’t want to get too set up until we’ve had a chance to paint. The room is a pretty awful shade of peach. It’s kind of nauseating.

I really want to get a little practice amp to keep in this room. It needs to be something that I can play quietly, so tubes are out, unfortunately. I know that I could get one of those little Vox AC4 combos, but even that thing would be too loud to play after the boys are in bed. I don’t want to get a modeler, since I don’t want to mess with connecting it to external speakers or whatever. I think I’m probably going to get a Tech21 Trademark 30. You can pick these up for dirt cheap on ebay/craigslist. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the Trademark series of amps, and the demo recordings are actually pretty good. It’s not going to replace my real amp for playing live, but it should be more than adequate for practicing at home (either through the speaker or through headphones) or for recording (either mic’ed or through the direct out).

I’m also planning on getting a new computer before too long. The plan is to get a 15″ MacBook Pro sometime this summer so that I can hand my current MacBook down to our oldest son. He’s using our old iMac G5 and it’s kind of on it’s last legs.

New stuff

I got rid of my DD-20 delay after a couple of months of frustration. I got it because it has presets, external tap, LED display, etc. I had one before and I thought that it could be my swiss army knife, all-purpose delay. It has a lot of sounds in it, but they all seem too harsh and brittle to me. On top of that, it’s not very easy to tweak on the fly. Short of going back to a huge MIDI setup (like I used to have with the Damage Control Timeline) I think I’m just going to have to have a couple of different delays on the board if I want access to multiple delay sounds.

I replaced the DD-20 with the Tech21 Boost DLA. I just wanted to go with a relatively basic delay with tap tempo that doesn’t mess with your dry signal. It has a buffered bypass, but that’s not such a bad thing if it’s at the end of the effects chain.

I would like to be able to tell you how it sounds, but I haven’t even plugged it in yet. We’re closing on a new house in a week, so we’re in the middle of packing right now. All the demos that I watched/listened to sounded really nice, and it’ll probably work out pretty well. I like that it has knobs rather than buttons and menus. I’m not sure if I’ll use the boost feature very much at all, but it’ll be nice to have it just in case.


I installed my Tremol-no last night. I’m tired of all my strings going out of tune whenever I change one string. I haven’t messed with it a lot yet, but it seems to be a lot more stable now. I’ll post an update once I’ve had a chance to give it a go.


I emailed Mike at ANALOG.MAN Effects and he said that I don’t have to order the King of Tone pedal right away. That’s a good thing, since I don’t really want to wait another 18 months. I’ll probably buy it once we’ve had a chance to buy some furniture and stuff for the house.

King of Tone

About 18 months ago, I put my name on the waiting list for a pedal called the King of Tone, made by ANALOG.MAN Effects. I got an email last night letting me know that my name has come up. I don’t have to order right away, which is a good thing considering that we’re buying a new house and pretty much all of our extra money is going to go towards the down payment, new furniture, appliances, etc.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this pedal. Who out there has one? How does it compare to something like a Tim/Timmy? Is it pretty transparent?